Professional start-up service performed by certified technicians ensure that customers realize the maximum benefits of their drive products. Variable speed system utilization and efficiency are optimized. Drive service life is maximized. Unplanned project delays and expenses are eliminated. 3 Phase authorized service personnel have the training / experience to program drives for today’s application challenges.

Drive Start-up includes verification that the drive is complete, undamaged and properly installed. Proper product match to the application, protection from the environment and installation requirements for cooling are confirmed. Proper wiring to the drive including; line, load and control connections, wire routing, shielding and grounding are verified. Field connections to the product are properly tightened and internal connections are inspected to ensure they have not loosened during transport or onsite handling.

Start-up service is scheduled when the drive installation and system are ready. The service is typically provided on the date requested by the customer. Drive Start-up includes all services essential for proper drive operation:

·         Adjustment of the drive parameters for the motor and load characteristics

·         Drive programming for the application

·         Setting of the internal time clock (if so equipped)

·         Verification of drive functionality including proper motor rotation, phase balance at the drive output and response to field control systems

·         Notification of any installation shortcomings that may affect the drive’s operation or longevity as well as any functions that could not be verified due to incomplete system readiness

·         Should a product issue arise during start-up the factory authorized technician can quickly provide a solution.

Additional programming and functional testing services are available. Onsite training is also available to ensure the customers are comfortable with the functionality and operation of the drive.


Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance is available to suit specific drive application demands and environmental challenges. While minimal maintenance is required for many drive installations, drives applied in highly demanding applications or harsh environments will benefit from regularly scheduled maintenance by a professional drives technician.

·         Cleaning of heat sink cooling areas and filters

·         Operational checks of cooling fans

·         Visual inspections and thermal scans

·         Reviews of fault and warning logs

·         Review of parameter settings

·         Proactive replacement of worn parts

Tailored PM plans can be developed by 3 Phase to suit the product application and scheduled to minimize impact to operational needs. Time and material based pricing is developed based on the drive quantity, service type and frequency, job site location and time of day / week scheduling requirements. Contact 3 Phase Service for a PM consultation and quotation.

Factory Repairs

Product repair and reconditioning by 3 Phase is available at the 3 Phase facilities. Troubleshooting and repairs are completed by factory trained technicians. Genuine parts are utilized. Products are tested to factory specifications before return shipment to the customer. An inspection and quote is provided for the most popular drive power sizes and configurations to ensure customers are able to quickly make repair vs. replace decisions. Expedited repair service is available to minimize customer down-time. Factory repairs are warranted by 3 Phase for 6 months.

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